Nityananda Gohain

FullStack Web/Mobile Engineer



Hi, I am Nityananda. I am a Senior Year CSE undergrad at Tezpur University, Assam. My interests span across Backend Engineering and Data Engineering with a focus on optimization and scaling.


What I can do for you

Web Development

Robust fullstack applications using technologies such as ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, Flask etc.

Web Scraping

Data Acquisition from sites ranging from dynamic sites to simple static sites using Scrapy, Lxml, puppeteer etc.

Mobile Development

Design and Build cross Platform Mobile Apps in Flutter for Android and IOS with BloC Architecture.

Work Experience

Past and curret jobs
  • Backend Engineering Intern - Atlan

    - Designed and implement a REST API with Flask, CartoDB, Redis which enhances the customer with various insights about a geography.
    - Implemented rate limiting via API key,Unit Testing and API key based authorization with very low level granularity.

  • Data Parsing Intern - Atlan

    - Designed and implement a Flask web-app which pipelines the flow of data from AWS S3 to CartoDB based on the users input and save them a lot of time by eliminating the repetitive manual process.
    - Designed and implemented more then 22 data acquisition pipelines which extracts data from various sources and provides them in a clean and usable format for various purposes.

  • Software Developer Intern - Geminid Systems,Inc

    - Automated an end-to-end application involving Salesforce and DocuSign Platform using Selenium Web- driver in NodeJs.After completing the entire end-to-end flow duration reduced from 25 minutes to 14 minutes. Also, worked a mobile application in React-Native which helps doctors to collect data from patients.


View some of my recent work
Web Development

Land Away

FullStack real-state website built using the MERN stack that lists all the properties in an area and users can buy and sell properties.

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Web Development

Animal Bot

A Twitter bot built using the serverless framework which identifies the animals in thetweeted image. The bot is deployed toAWS Lambdaand usesDynamoDBas database.

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Web Development

Souq Chain

A unified block-chain based platform for the farmers and the buyers to eliminate theintermediaries. This will benefit the small scale rural farmers and the end buyers. It is built on top of theEthereumplatform.

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